testing fet

A Typical Mosfet

Here would like to share how I test FET transistor using digital VOM. I think it is very simple method.
Suppose we are testing n channel MOSFET. Normal MOSFET should act as described below.

1. Put the black probe on the drain pin, red probe on source pin. The VOM should show some 400 to 700 reading. It shows the MOSFET is in “closed” condition.

measuring fet

checking fet

2. Now put the red probe on the remaining gate pin still holding the black probe on drain pin and it should show infinite resistance 1. Now bring the red probe back on source pin, voila now it should show much lower value than previous, about 50 to 250 depending on MOSFET type. Now MOSFET is in “open” condition. You can test it by disconnectiing the probes and touch again red on source pin, black on drain pin.

bad fet


3. Now we will close the MOSFET. Holding the red probe on source pin, put the black probe on gate pin. It should show infinite resistance “1”. Now put black probe back on drain pin, it should show previous higher reading about 400 to 700, because we’ve just “closed” it.

measure fet

That’s all. Believe me, it’s very simple method.


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4 comments on “Another Method For Testing MOSFET Transistor

  1. shunlongwei says:

    seens good, can you test ic in same way?

  2. hamed says:

    it's good but i can't result with this way !
    step 2 not correct!!

  3. rafiq says:

    its to easy thank u all steps ok

  4. Humberto says:

    Hi Mr. Damdin Batbaatar, I'm new here, but this is a good and very well explained article. Have a good day, Humberto.

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