K0108 GLCD is a type of GLCD. Below is the step by steps in using a GLCD. The figures below shows the layout of the GLCD follwed by the instructions in the GLCD.

K0108 GLCD

K0108 GLCD

Steps to set up and use glcd

1. Set CS1 = 0 and CS2 = 1; You will select the 1st portion of the GLCD.
2. ON the display by setting:
a. RS = 0
b. R/W = 0
c. DB7…..DB0 = 0b00111111
d. D/1 = 1
e. E = toggle
3. Set page:
a. RS = 0
b. R/W = 0
c. DB7…DB3 = 0b10111
d. DB2..DB0 = 000 – 111 ( to select from page 0 to 7)
e. E = toggle
f. D/I = 1
4. Write Display Data:
a. RS = 1
b. R/W = 0
c. D7…D0 = type of data to be displayed
d. D/I = 0
e. E toggle
5. Continue to other pages by repeating step3 to 5.

With this steps by steps in using the GLCD, it helps you to understand the GLCD better. Thus, you will be able to use any microcontroller to control it.


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