LCD is one of the essential outputs for the developer to understand the processes that they have programmed it into the PIC and it act as a verification that the program is working as it supposed to be Table 2 below shows the command control codes for 2×16 LCD display.

LCD Tips

Figure 1: Command Codes

To begin,
1. Set E, RW, RS to 0.
2. Set D7D6D5…D2D1D0 to 0001111.
3. Set E to 1.
4. Set D7D6D5…D2D1D0 to 0000000.
5. Set RS to 1.
6. Set the appropriate letter to be displayed on D7D6D5…D2D1D0.
7. Set E to 1 to display. Then, Set E back to 0.
8. Continue the above steps until message is displayed.

The above steps can be done using programme or by using switches to control the logics. If programme is used, the necessary delays has to be provided as shown in Wait Time column in Figure 1 above.


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