Notepad++ text editor is very useful for displaying programming codes. It has additional features compared to normal text editor by having the keywords of the programming languages highlighted.
Additional functions can be added through Plug-in which are provided by 3rd party. In plug-in, you can have compare to compare 2 documents, converters for hex to ASCII and ASCII to hex as well as other plug-in which can be downloaded.


Figure 1: Notepad++ Interface

Under Language toolbar, you can select the different types of languages so that the keywords will be highlighted by notepad++ as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: C program example

Another feature that notepad has is it will align the codes. This increases the readability and the neatness of the codes. Additionally, you can collapse and expand each functions by clicking on the minus sign on the left of the codes.

Notepad++ language toolbar

Figure 3: Language toolbar

The language toolbar allows you to select different languages or you can even define your own using user-defined.


Notepad++ is an essential tool for programmers to align their codes properly. Additionally, it also increases the readability and eases any modification process that needs to be done on the code.


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