The following are some guidance you need to know in order to successfully become an Authorized Service Centre (ASC). Setting up from scratch as an ASC is not an easy job. Your workshop needs to meet the manufacturers’ requirement first, before they can appoint your company as an ASC.
Good track record
Manufacturers expect a company to have a good track record in the trade and have been around in the business for a long time. Experience in running a repairing business counts. If your company is new, your chances of being appointed as an ASC would be low.

Usually, a manufacturer would prefer a company that is located not too far from them. This makes it is easy for a manufacturer to deliver products to you for repair, besides saving time.
Another factor is whether or not there is another ASC in the locality. Normally, manufacturers are not keen to have more than one ASC within a specific radius.
A company must provide enough space to cater for their products. Manufacturers would not prefer to appoint a company to become ASC if the working space is too small or cramped. A light industrial unit would be fine for them.
A decent alarm system is essential to prevent easy break-ins. You must have the responsibility to take care or protect your manufacturers’ products. Any break-in will cause you to lose business and tarnish your company’s name.

Reception Area
If a manufacturer is interested in appointing your company as an ASC, you will almost certainly be paid a visit. A proper reception area, neat, tidy and well-managed workshop will reflect on them as well. First impression counts a lot.
Service Centre Management Software
Using a good computer system and service center management software will boost the manufacturers’ confident in your company because it can speed up the job by providing daily business operations such as status of repair, parts inventory control and etc.
Tools and Test Equipment
The variety of tools and test equipment available will be taken into consideration. An oscilloscope, frequencies counter, SMD and BGA rework station, ESR meter are some initial requirements. The workbench should be of decent size and comes with fluorescent lightings.
There must be enough well-trained technicians or engineers to cope up with the repairing work. Prolonged or continuous delay of repairing work will make them to reconsider another service center.
Conclusion– To run an Authorized Service Centre, there must be total commitment and dedication, but it will guarantee plenty of satisfaction and a secured future. It can also broaden the product range that comes your way.


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