Temperature Problems (Heater)

Generally in any sterilizer the following type of problem can occur-the sterilizer doesn’t heat. Switch on the unit, and select any cycle (for example: 134° 12′), close the door and enter the START command.

Temperature Problems In Sterilizer Equipment
If the temperature does not change from the value shown on the display at the START command, Stop the cycle, open the door and switched off the sterilizer, then proceed as follow:
1/-Check the safety thermostat
If it’s released change the thermostat and try a short new cycle. In several cases this procedure fixes the problem.
If it’ not released,
2/- check the external PT in off state and read the value (each manufacturer preset a value to see during the check), in my case I use to check the external PT100 pushing on both DRY OFF and MODE keys.
Read the value. If the value equal the preset X, (in my case the value= 169) then replace the PT (PT100) and this end the problem.

Temperature Problems In Sterilizer Equipment

If not X (169), check the continuity of the heater wiring. When it’s not ok, the heater is dead.

Temperature Problems In Sterilizer Equipment
Here the steps to replace the heater:
1. Remove the cover.
2. Remove the external sensor.
3. Remove the thermostat sensor.
4. Remove the clips (2) of the insulating chamber coat.

Temperature Problems In Sterilizer Equipment
5. Widen as much as possible the insulating chamber coat (3).

sterilizers repair
6. Disconnect the heater’s wire from the outside connector and slip the wires off the insulating coat.
7. Note and mark the position of the heater for the subsequent remounting ;( very important).
8. Remove the screws (4) of the heater by using 5mm Allen key.

sterilizers repair
9. Slip carefully the heater (5) off the chamber.
10. Replace the heater and Re-assembly all pieces by following the dismounting reverse order.



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