Problems: Micro motor and chair inclination

Isoplus is really designed to save the dentist time, but to save also technical intervention time.
Fast access modules.

Fast access modules
Here are the common faults:

Turbines and micro motors cord (light fiber cut),
Known cause:
– Hanging tube touching the ground and and dentists roll over.
-The plastics age and Stretching of the wires by the weight of the hand pieces and the regular use
– Water leakage, fuses, and control panel to change regularly because of wear.
-Leakage gaskets. For those who do not know Eurodent, modules are nested (no screws) and sealed by compressed air.
-buttons quickly deteriorate. It is true that the buttons most used a lot are inclination of the chair, rather than programs. Only change it can guaranty a year of use!

Hand piece dental chair

handpieces weigh dental chair


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  1. sunny says:

    Where can I buy spare parts for eurodent iso plus

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