A friend of mine brought an electronic welding machine to my shop. The main problem was, it does not weld. The moment I plugged it in and connected all the welding cables, it did not weld, not even a small spark. The guy told me that he sent this machine to someone else to use it and over loaded the circuitry.
The moment I opened the cover of the welder, I could see a black burn near one of the positive legs of bridge rectifier. This is a high amp bridge rectifier (25 amps) and it is a big part. I soldered out (it was not an easy thing to do due to a lot of soldering joints on both sides of the board). I checked it out with a multi meter and it checked ok. One of the legs that have the burn marks did not have solid connection on the board. I re soldered that part and put the bridge rectifier back on board. I made sure it was soldered in a solid way on four legs and on both side of the board.
I plugged it in and tried the machine again but to my surprise it did not work. Checked the voltages in the machine and they all checked ok. I have the schematic for it and it really helped to have it. I worked on that machine for about four hours and could not find anything wrong with it.
I was really getting frustrated with it. I had to take a break. So I went for lunch break. Played with me son for about an hour or so, then I went back to the shop.
The only way to make it weld is to have the negative side and the positive side working fine. So I checked the connection from the positive side to the coil inside the machine with the LOPT/FBT meter and it gave me a full bar but when I checked the negative terminal, it did not give me a full bar indicating a bad coil or bad connection. I took the coil out and checked it again and this time it gave me a full bar. I checked the wire connection between the coil to the negative terminal and it did not give me a full bar indicating a problem in the wire it self. I traced this wire back and found out that this was the main computer chip feed back to the main computer of the machine. If the machine does not get the feed back to the main chip, it does not work.
I changed the wire with a brand new one and the moment I tried the machine it worked nicely. I was so happy with it.


10 years of practical electronics. owner and operator. I service the Bethlehem area in Palestine. I repair Xbox 360 and all play stations and modify their power supplies. also repair lcd and Plasma tv sets, and lcd computer monitors. I have a degree from Bob Jones University in general business and one year degree in Industrial electronics. a intensive course in Media. I also work as a camera and audio man as a free lancer. Also great experience in video editing and installing surround systems for home and movie theaters.

One comment on “Electronic DC welding machine repair. Model Zx7-200.

  1. Carlos says:

    Hello Mr. Rishmawi:

    I have this model of inverter welder. The last week i was welding a metal table when the machine stops to weld and didn't worked anymore. I'm a Electronic Tecnician but i need a diagram to check the whole circuit because the basic components are ok. Can you post the schematic or service manual?


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