This phone was brought to my workshop and the customer explained the problem to me. He said that he bought new fresh batteries and put them in the phone. The phone worked for three days then it would not power up again.
This phone is a two cordless handsets. One base and charger and the other set has a charger only. I plugged the two sets in the electricity and sure enough, the two phones were not powering up nor charging. I took them off the hook and disconnected them from the electricity and once I opened the back cover of the phone, I could see what the problem was.

The customer did not use a chargeable batteries, he used normal one and when he put the handsets on the chargers, the batteries got hot and exploded leaving all kind of chemical stuff on the inside board of the cordless phone. They were not workings simply because, there were no batteries in there and the two phone handset need to be cleaned before putting fresh new rechargeable batteries in there.

I used a normal rubbing alcohol to clean the boards of the two cordless phones. They looked clean again. My main concern that these two phones might not work because the two batteries exploded in there and it might have blown up some parts in the set.

I took two sets of rechargeable batteries and put them in the two hand sets and the moment I put them in the charger, I could hear a beep sound. That means, the phone chargers recognized the two sets of fresh batteries and the phone worked. I had to charge the batteries in the two hands sets for about 8 hours ( factory recommendations). After the charging was done I was able to use the two hands sets again.

Another problem appeared as I was testing the phones. When a call comes in, the phone does not ring but I could see the lights in the two LED screens of the two phones. I went to the menu settings and put the sound level up but it would not respond. I opened the phones again and tested the two speakers with an ohm meter and non of the speakers gave me any readings. The two speakers were bad. They were two speakers and 8ohms each. I replaced the two speakers and the phone is back to life again. I was able to call from it and receiving calls and I could hear the ring tone loud and clear.


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  1. daud asi says:

    I thank that man has to be a qualified in all field nor only TV, monitor and etc.
    very good article.

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