An Xbox 360 power supply 110-220 Volts Modification.

xbox 360 repair

The Xbox 360 can be used only in the United States and Canada. It comes with the following specification: 110 volts, 135 Watt, and 3.7 Amps. In order to use it in other country that use 220 Volts electricity, a 220-110 converter has to be used otherwise you will blow up the whole power supply. 220-110 power converter has to be strong enough to handle this much power otherwise, the converter will get hot and it will eventually burn out. To match this power, you need at least 500 watt, 5 Amp to be on the save side. It is very expensive to buy this kind of converter so; I came up with a power supply modification so you will be able to use it with both 110 and 220 volts. Here is the way to do it.

1- Open the power supply; you need a star screw driver.

2- After opening the plastic case, you will find a ground shield on the top of the PC. You need to solder that out from both sides.

3- Make sure you discharge the two capacitors. They usually come in series with 220 uf/200 volts.

4- Now, find out where the Ac connectors are and look for the fuse. Before the fuse, there is a Protection capacitor (14N511K).This capacitor works on 110 volts. It needs to be removed and replaced with a 220 volt capacitor. Please note, there are two of them on the board and it is very important to remove them or replace them. One near the fuse and one near the bridge rectifier part.

5- Follow the AC line which has the fuse and it will lead you through two coils in series. At the end of second coil, you will find that there is a connection between one of the coil leg and the two 220 uf/200 volts main capacitors. (A spot where the negative and the positive connection of the two capacitors meet. Solder that connection out and join it with the one of the AC Bridge rectifier leg. Now, you have the leg of the coil and the AC leg on the bridge rectifier connected.

6- You are almost done. One more final important step to do.

7- There is a connection between two AC legs on the Bridge Rectifier part. Solder that out.

8- You are done. Now the power supply works on 220 volts.

9- You do not need to change the MOS- N- FET nor the capacitors.

It really worked for me. I have modified over 20 power supplies so far and generated some extra income. Very easy to do and it is lots of fun. Please note that the information provided here in this article is just for the power supply for the Xbox 360 Model number 1439. Other play station and WII station power supply can be modified as well but it has different settings. Good luck and enjoy your new modified Xbox 360 power supply.


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xbox 360 repair



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