Terms and Conditions to participate in the Contest:

1) Everyone can participate in the contest.

2) The article must be written in English and should consist of at least 150 words and not more than 2000 words. You can include the photos into the article by personally sending the photos to me and I will edit and insert into your article.

3) Articles must be spell checked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting. Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that does not meet this requirement.

4) The subject has to be related to Electronics and the Editor has the authority to remove the articles/participants if the articles have any vulgar words, hatred, racist or any sex related term.

5) The article has to be written by you and you will be forfeited if the article is found to be extracted from websites. There is a website called Copyscape that could easily detect duplicate content.

6) The article/articles that you have submitted is belong to BestElectronicArticles.com and the owner/editor have the right to use the article/articles in whatever way they like. They could remove, amend, add photos and rewrite the article/articles if they wanted to.

7) The article/articles that you have submitted cannot be used/published in other Websites, Medias and etc.

8 The contest starts from today till midnight 30th of June 2011 local time and the winners will be notified within 3 days after the contest has ended.

9) Only 6 prizes will be given away and you will be notified through email if you are in the top 5 author list. You can also check if you are one of the top 5 authors by visiting BestElectronicArticles.com. Look at the right side of the website where it displays “TOP AUTHORS”.

10) Winners have to provide their shipping details and we WILL publish the winner’s name, country and some other info (if necessary) into BestElectronicArticles.com and JestineYong.com

11) If you have received the prize and wish to send us the photo, we will appreciate it and we will publish the photo into BestElectronicArticles.com and JestineYong.com websites as a proof that we have delivered the prizes.

12) The prize that the Top Author (with the most articles) will be receiving is a unit of BLUE ESR Meter kitset and a unit of Blue Ring Tester kitset. For the other 4 Top authors, each of them will be getting one unit of BLUE ESR Meter kitset.

blue esr meter

Blue ESR Meter

blue ring tester

Blue Ring Tester

13) We will deliver the prize to you by FEDEX and we will pay for the courier and other processing fees.

If you have read through the term and conditions and agree with it then click on the Author Registration link and create an account and submit your first article. You can write your article in note pad or Microsoft Words and then paste into the submitter box.

You can email jestineyong (at) electronicrepairguide dot com if you have other question or suggestion before joining the contest.

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