In this Article I am going to share with you some tips on how to handle such a case.

Most importantly is to remove the phone battery…this prevent your phone from shorting both the motherboard and the battery itself.

Please don’t be tempted to power it up even for a moment because that will surely cause a lot of damages even if not immediately noticed.

Then take your phone to a qualified technician and explain that you have a phone which has fallen in water.

Usually cleaning the phone with medicinal spirit (white) and drying it with hot air or the hair drier usually solve this kind of problem.

If the phone is not cleaned first then there is a possibility of getting rust on the circuit board and eventually stops working.

If you want to do it yourself then you will need to buy mobile phone repair tools like the precision screw driver to open up the phone.

Different phones have different type of bolts (Flat head, Cross head, Hexagonal head) and therefore be sure to check the type used in your phone.

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    I am from Colombia, I have credit card and an account with paypal. I would like know if after I study that ebook can I repair blackberry and Ipods?
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      From the website it seems it does not cover the blackberry and ipod. It is more for the basic repair or common type of phone.


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