Problem: It plays for five minutes or less then shuts down.

Upon opening the cover of this DVD player, I scanned the inside components and found some bulged capacitors in the power section. Replaced all those capacitors and turned on the DVD player. It played for more than twenty minutes but the problem remained. The playing time was longer which meant I am one step ahead but still there are more faulty components in the machine.

I checked all the power voltages coming out of the power supply and they all checked fine. So I moved more deeper inside the machine. With an ESR meter, I was able to locate more bad capacitors that got high ESR reading. I replaced all of them but the problem remained. This time the machine shuts down after half an hour.

I was really getting frustrated with this machine. I checked everything in this machine and all checked fine but the shutting down remained.
I decided to take a break then come back later on and check it again. when I came back from half an hour break, I scanned the machine from the inside again and I turned the machine on. I started feeling the components in there and they were getting hot. I was thinking about adding a fan in there and I was about to do so, when I saw a tiny fan inside the machine, not turning and all the components near that fan getting hot causing the machine to shut down.

I took the fan out and put it on a five volts transformer and to my surprise, it worked fine. It gave me the indication that the five volts were not reaching the fan sockets. I turned on the machine again and I checked the volts reaching the socket and as expected, there was no five volts reaching that socket. There was a loose connection on the sockets legs. I soldered that again and cleaned the sockets with alcohol and re-installed the fan. I turned the DVD on and the fan kicked in. The DVD player played a 2 hours movie without stopping. That put a smile on my face.

Conclusion: Sometimes when we are tired, even with a tiny problem like this, that is too obvious, we can not see it. The answer to this is to take a break then come back and work on it.

Due to this faulty tiny fan in the machine, the whole DVD player was getting hot causing the capacitors to get hot. Even small tiny things can cause a big problem in big machines. So pay attentions to these things, and it will save you time and money.


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One comment on “Shutdown In LG DVD Player Repair Model# LH-C6231

  1. gre says:

    Solved this problem on two of my LG DVD players by going to menu and turning off Smart-Link. Guess it wasn't that smart.

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