An ITT DVD player was brought to my shop. The DVD player was working fine except when pushing the door button to open it, it opens then it closes by itself then it opens again. Upon taking the cover off, and turned the DVD player on, the door closed normally but the pick up LED disk reader did not come up in position to read the disk. The door opened again by itself and then it closes trying to read the disk again. From experience, this problem is due to two things, either the motor that opens the door is weak or the belt that connects to the opening drum is really loose.

I checked the motor with a multi meter and it checked fine. A very nice way to do that is by setting the multi meter to X1 and connect the positive probe to the positive sided of the motor and the negative probe to the negative side of the motor. If the motor is fine, it will run smoothly and if it is bad, it will not run or it will be very hard to run and sometimes the motor will get hot due to a lot of friction inside the motor.
I turned the DVD player on and by hand I lifted the LED reader to position and guess what? It worked fine and I could see the LED reading the dish in a normal way. I unplugged the DVD player and I took the DVD try out and soon enough, I could see the problem. Someone tried to spray the motor with some kind of spaying alcohol and in the process, the rubber belt was wet causing it to slide when pushing the door button to open the try.
The repair was very easy to do. I took the rubber belt out and checked it out. It was fine. I dried the rubber belt with dry cloth and put it back on the motor. I turned the DVD player on again and tested it. This time, it was working fine. The Pick up LED went into position and it read the DVD disk.
Sometimes we assume the worst when it comes to repair. Later on we find out that it is a very easy fix and it only took me about five minutes to repair.


10 years of practical electronics. owner and operator. I service the Bethlehem area in Palestine. I repair Xbox 360 and all play stations and modify their power supplies. also repair lcd and Plasma tv sets, and lcd computer monitors. I have a degree from Bob Jones University in general business and one year degree in Industrial electronics. a intensive course in Media. I also work as a camera and audio man as a free lancer. Also great experience in video editing and installing surround systems for home and movie theaters.

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