My own Sharp CRT TV was not getting any sound on channels 4 or 5.

At first I suspected the cable box was the problem.

I run the cable directly into the TV set and turn on the TV and to my surprise there was still no sound on channels 4 or 5.

I next hooked up a DVD player to the TV and again no sound on channels 4 and 5.

By now I am sure there is a problem with the TV and not the source of video/audio.

I take apart the TV and use some compressed air to blow out any dust build up.

I start to inspect the board and right away I see some bad solder joints so i reflowed several solder joints. I tested the TV and no sound on channels 4 and 5

Now I move on to testing the electrolytic capacitors on the board. Around the audio IC and I find 2 e-caps with higher esr. They were 330uf@16v. The ESR was around .60, I said to myself here is the problem. I replaced the caps with 2 new ones and the ESR is .16. I put it together enough to test and when I turned on the TV still NO SOUND.

I check some other on board resistors, diodes, etc and all seemed to be good.

I got a service manual for the model of TV. One of the things it recommends to do was to set everything to factory defaults before following any service work.

I turned on the TV in service mode and held down both volume + and – at the same time for more than 2 seconds and the TV turned off by itself.

I turned on the TV and noticed the brightness and color were different so I knew it set everything back to default at this point.

Funny thing is I already had the TV set to channel 3 from before while testing, and suddenly noticed the TV had sound.

It seems to me there was something corrupted on the IC and once all the original default values were set back to original all was well.


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4 comments on “Sharp CRT TV With No Sound On Certain Channels

  1. Laura Oliver says:

    A few days ago we noticed that our 3yr old RCA didnt have sound on all the channels. Most of the channels had sound, but not all the channels had sound. Some of the effected channels would have sound only during the commercials and others channels had no sound even during the commercials.

    while some channels had no sound ….there was one channel that was in SPANISH… but only one channel!!!

    I did a google search and found alot of comcast people saying that the " Lang " button on the comcast remote could accidentally get pushed. …. But I dont have comcast (i have charter cable) and my remote doesnt have a " lang " button!!! NO HELP!!!!

    A little more research and I found one person saying that they had solved this problem by changing the SAP feature to off. I went to menu> audio> and found SAP under the MTS
    Our MTS didnt have an off, but it did have the option to switch it from SAPto STR.
    …. our MTS was on SAP and we switched it to STR and our Television now has sound on all the channels. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

    We dont know how the setting got accidentally changed to SAP. It is just me and my husband, and we never fool with the settings. Anyway I wanted to put this on a forum because I didnt see a fix for this problem on many tv forums.

    I later found a charter site that said the charter remote had a SAP button (Second Audio Programming) , but I have charter and my remote doesnt have a SAP button. Since I didnt have a Second Audio Programming (SAP) button on my remote I had to go to the onscreen (on screen menu) and change the (SAP) setting to STR.

    tag: some tv television channels dont have sound except during the commercial RCA no sound Charter cable Spanish English language lang

  2. beh says:

    this is a typical multiproblem case in old age tvs . bad caps bad soldering joints . bad ic

  3. l minc says:

    i have no factory remote. can i use a universal remot to put the tv in service mood and how?

  4. Kimberlee says:

    The SAP to STR worked! I've just been ignoring my channels in Spanish. Thanks!!

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