A customer brought three of these LCD computer monitors to my shop. All three LCD screens had the same problem. Shutting down, no screen display and the stand light was flashing.
Usually, when I see a stand by light flashing and no screen display, I know this was a power supply problem and it should be an easy fix. I opened the cover of one of the three LCD screens and soon enough I saw seven capacitors that were bulged. I opened the other two monitors and all of them had the same problem with the same exact bulged capacitors.
The power supply was a separate board than the inverter board. It was an old LCD computer screen. I took the power board out of the screen and replaced all the bad capacitors in the power supply. With the ESR meter, I checked the other capacitors on both boards the inverter and the power supply and all of them checked ok.
The bad capacitors were: two 1000UF/16 volts, two 1000UF/25 volts, one 470UF/25 volts and two 220UF/35 volts. The moment I replaced all of these bad capacitors on the three LCD screens, all three of them came to life. I was an easy fix and good income.
To me it was strange since I got all three LCD screen and all of them has the same exact problem and the same exact bulged capacitors. The job was done fast and easy and I was happy about it.


10 years of practical electronics. owner and operator. I service the Bethlehem area in Palestine. I repair Xbox 360 and all play stations and modify their power supplies. also repair lcd and Plasma tv sets, and lcd computer monitors. I have a degree from Bob Jones University in general business and one year degree in Industrial electronics. a intensive course in Media. I also work as a camera and audio man as a free lancer. Also great experience in video editing and installing surround systems for home and movie theaters.

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  1. jade- says:


    I'm just wondering if you have a guide how to fix any laptop or computer problem. I have idea about the electronics code etc. but I am interested to know about it for just myself learning.

    thank you.

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