Today I had a Toshiba satellite L505D come in for repair. The problem was plane. The power jack housing was broken off and pushed in to the bottom tray.

Toshiba Satellite L505D Power Jack FixedI proceeded to take apart the laptop to get to the mother board.

Toshiba Satellite L505D Power Jack repairedOnce apart I was able to see the problem clearly.

Toshiba Satellite L505D Power Jack problemThe solution was simple either get a new bottom tray (expensive), or find a way to secure the power jack housing so that you can use it. After some thought I put the power jack housing back in place. I decided to use a solution that I have in the past. I looked through my spare screws on my parts bench, and found one suitable for the job. Once I had the screw I found a drill bit just a little smaller in diameter than the screw. This is so the screw threads have something to screw into tight.

Toshiba Satellite L505D Power Jack problemAs you can see I started the screw and then screwed it in making sure it was tight in the back if the DC power jack.

Toshiba Satellite L505D Power Jack problemYou can see from the photo the screw is position just behind the DC power jack so you can now push the AC adapter in with the support of the screw keeping it from going back. The pressure from the top tray of the laptop keeps pressure down on the DC power jack once put back together. I put it back together and of course booted up to the operating system and made sure it was functioning as it should. And last thing I did was let it run for a little while to further test my repair.


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