I had a Dell XPS model EV620 come to me. The customer said LCD screen is black. First thing i did was to boot it up and shine a light, and there was no faint image. Next thing I did was to hook up the external VGA monitor to an external monitor, and still no video. Now I know there is a problem with the video chip on-board.

Dell XPS model  EV620

Now I begin to take apart the laptop down to motherboard level. As soon as I get the top hand rest of the lap top off I see the problem. Now since I know that there was no dissipation of heat to cool the processor and, Nvidia chipset I know this excessive heat caused the Video Chip to heat up way to hot and loose some of the solder connections. Of the BGA balls between the chip and motherboard, one of the worst dirt and lint problems I have seen yet in a laptop.

Dell XPS model  EV620  repair

I proceed to clean the heat sink and blow out all lint and dirt with compressed air. Now that all is clean I locate the Nvidia chip on the board. Now it is time to prepare for video chip reflow. I first put my temperature sensor next to the video chip and then I build a small heat barrier around the video chip.

Dell XPS model EV620 repairing

I then use a small butane torch and heat the entire surface up to 600 degrees F. This only takes about 3 or 4 seconds. I then let the chip cool down for 5 minutes’ on its own. Next while I had the fan out I placed 1 drop of 3 in One oil in the fan to help it have long life.

Dell XPS model  EV620  troubleshooting

I plugged in the laptop lcd screen cable to the mother board, and installed the power switch board temporally and powered up the laptop, and the video is now restored. Next I put the laptop back together and boot it up to Windows and let it run for a while to make sure it was working as it should.

Dell XPS model  EV620  troubleshooting and repairing

This is something I see with Nvidia chipsets allot when the fan quits working or the lint and dirt builds up and no heat dissipation can happen.


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5 comments on “Reflow Onboard Video Chip Repair On Dell XPS Model EV620

  1. grantfullen says:

    Thanks for all comments 🙂

  2. tutankamon says:

    Hi, thank's for article, but please specify this solution isn't PROFESSIONAL, because for execute this operation in professional mode, is necessari a infrared rework station, heat only gpu area is not good, the mainboard is exposed to deforming or delaminate, and gpu have high probability to popcorning.
    This is good solution for amatorial but not for a professional, thank you again.

  3. happy says:

    Thanks for article, I have dell monitors odd ones not flat screens
    these monitors are just blinking green light without displaying anything even the word
    No signal is not shown on display.
    Please assist on what to do.the PCs are just okay.

  4. alimohammadi says:

    pleze help me for repart for LCD LED

  5. Humberto says:

    Great article, I liked it. DELL is my favourite brand

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