I had a Dell Inspiron laptop come to me for repair with intermittent power problems. I first check the AC adapter and it checked out fine. Next I moved the AC plug around in the DC power jack and found that there was a faulty connection. I disassembled the laptop down to the motherboard.

Intermittent Power Problems On Dell LaptopIntermittent Power Problems On Dell LaptopI noticed that there was very bad lint and dirt build up in both of the fans on this laptop.

Intermittent Power Problems On Dell LaptopI proceeded to blow out the laptop with compressed air and clean up the unit as best I could. After that, I got out my digital multi-meter and set it to sound so it would beep when I did my continuity check. I tested the points where the power jack positive and negative went through the PCB and there were no good connections. I then proceeded with a visual inspection of the solder joints. I found that the solder joints had cracks in them. I got out the soldering iron and reflowed the solder on the joints . I used the multi-meter to check again and now I had good connections from the power jack top side through to the bottom of the PCB. Next picture is after I soldered the joints.

Intermittent Power Problems On Dell Laptop

I put the laptop together just enough to boot it up and test. It booted up fine, so I moved the AC plug around in the DC power jack to check my work. It performed as it should while I moved the plug around. I then proceeded to put the laptop back together. I booted it up to the operating system and checked to make sure everything was working ok. I let it run a couple of hours to make sure it was a good repair job. Everything was in working order so I gave it back to the customer.


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