Failure of Capacitor In NEC TOKIN M200 Toshiba Laptop

The complaint of the Toshiba M200 Laptop was no display with power lights on. Normal procedure to diagnose this kind of problem is to check on the cables, LCD panel and etc.  Sometimes you could locate loose connection in the cables and sometimes the motherboard was the cause of the problem.

A bad NEC Tokin capacitor sometimes will not show any physical damage-please beware of this. Since the NEC Tokin was faulty, one has to remove and replace it and this part is available from China for the cost of about USD1.30. Just in case if you could not get this part, don’t be despair because you could use a 330uf capacitor as replacement. Another way is to put the 330uf capacitor at the Processor socket slot (use this method for M200 Model only).

Failure of Capacitor In NEC TOKIN M200 Toshiba Laptop

It is not easy to remove the capacitor. You need to use hot air to blow on the top and you also need a heater station to place it at the bottom. Set the temperature to 200 Celcius for the top hot air and 200 Celcius on the bottom and the capacitor will be easily removed. Make sure to cover the surrounding components with aluminum foils otherwise the components will get burn.

If you did not use the heater at the bottom and only blowing the hot air on top, the possibility of the NED Tokin capacitor will be damaged. Soldering back the capacitor will be another problem because the solder will not stick on the base of the motherboard. In order to solve the problem you need to use a small wire cut off from the capacitor or resistors leads. By using the hot air and the heater at the bottom, it will be easier to soldered it back.

how to repair no display problem in toshiba m200 series laptop

After I have done with the replacement of the capacitor, the display came back upon turning on the power. This is a simple repair and it only cost about USD1.30 to solve the no display problem in the Toshiba M200 Laptop.




I am 17 years plus started repairing Computers at the age of 13. Learning from my father and professional repairers at my home town. My other studies was from Jestine Yong's E-Books which helps me a lot and with much practice and hands on learning, I now could repair CRT/LCD TV, Computer Systems & Laptops. I am still in thel earning process, and needs sharing among fellow repairers. Hope friends can help especially my good brother Jestine.

12 comments on “How To Repair Toshiba M200 Series Laptop With No Display Problem

  1. teng seastres says:

    this article gives some ideas and techniques you are my idol sir justine..

  2. Jestine Yong says:

    HI Teng,

    You need to thank the guy who had contributed this good article.


  3. charlie says:

    hi hwa lim,

    may i ask what is the voltage of the 330uf capacitor as replacement for nec tokin? and how many capacitor to used?

    thank you.

  4. Jhong says:

    Guys can you post some photos on how to solder the said 330uf cap as Charlie also asking what voltage… thanks guys…. we badly need it,

  5. cybermales says:

    I used 4×330 capasitor tantalum, work in my laptop.

    1. Jhong says:

      Hey cybermales can you post pics, tnx!

    2. charlie says:

      Hi! Cybermales,
      How about the working voltage ? What did you use.?
      Thank you.

  6. Has says:

    may i know .. my laptop was working fine.. but recently it has no power.. could this fix the issue ? please let me know what component i need to change 🙂 thx

  7. Ivan Ku says:

    I have my M200 same problem, just repaired from a samll loacl computer repair shop for HKD500. The shop owner told me by replacing a cap, I think this is the one NEC. Just interested to know if it happen again I should try by replacing 330u caps, any photos showing how to do this?

  8. Notsosure says:

    I just happened to see this useful post today. I have recently replaced NEC/TOKIN OE128 capacitor in my Toshiba A200 laptop without using any hot air gun and it is working perfectly now. I have provided a number of useful links, photographs, etc here:

  9. BAMFO KWADWO says:

    please i have the same problem with my toshiba portege m200 with no display screne but if switch it on u see the light on but no display screne soo please i need your help.

  10. sultan says:

    thank you friend hwa lim, your articles help me so much, i didnot do yet, i need some pictures about replaced nec token to capasitor

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