Lots of keyboards were brought to my house for repair. It came from my accountant neighbours which were using Laptops in their work. Most of the laptops had no PS/2 jack that’s why usb keyboards were very important to them and they can work fast through the number keys which are the same with calculator.

In order to repair any keyboard, check first the connection from the keyboard USB terminal down to the small circuit board inside the keyboard. If some connection were cut then I’m sure it is from the wire near the usb terminal. Cut the wire for about 4 inches from the terminal and sliced the usb hub with a cutter until you can find the connection of the wire. Remove all the wires that had been cut, be sure to remember all the color. Solder the new edge of wire from the keyboard according to the same color because its terminals are not parallel with the terminals from the board.

Return the sliced cover of the usb hub and filled with electrical tape. Plug The Keyboard to a computer or Laptop and hit the caps lock. If led is on then it’s a success.


A University Librarian, graduate BS-Mathematics and short term courses of consumer Electronics with cellphone repair.Electronic hobbyist and excited to face all challenges in troubleshooting.

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