Dimension4600c CPU overheating (Rebooting Issue)

Dell Dimension4600c Rebooting Issue

This dell computer came to me with the customer stating shutting down and rebooting , and stated it just started. From past trouble shooting problems with computer s rebooting and shutting down I knew it was an over heating problem. I opened the case and removed the fan and thought I would find lots of lint and debris.

Dell Dimension4600c Rebooting Issue servicing

As you can see it was pretty clean. I reinstalled the cooling fan to the heat sink plugged in the fan to the mother board and press the power button. The computer started to post normal. I noticed the fan was not turning at all. I turned of the computer at once. I removed the fan again. I looked for the proper voltage rating on the fan itself.

Dell Dimension4600c cpu overheating issue

I applied 12 v to the fan and it did not work at all. I also test for 12 v at the connector at the motherboard. All voltages was correct at the connector on the mother board.

Dell Dimension4600c cpu overheating issue
I replaced the failed fan with a new one , just a spare on my parts bench , just to test with. I booted up the computer and it was running fine. In my experience when a computer reboots and shuts down it usually is a heating issue.
I have had to scrape off the old thermal compound from the heat sink to processor, and video chip and replace with new thermal compound (Artic Silver) to stop heating issues like this . Sometimes the compound dry’s out and looses it conductive property’s. All so I have seen memory cause this type of problem but not a lot.



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