Using K0108 GLCD

K0108 GLCD is a type of GLCD. Below is the step by steps in using a GLCD. The figures below shows the layout of the GLCD follwed by the instructions in the GLCD.

K0108 GLCD

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LCD Tips n’ Tricks

LCD is one of the essential outputs for the developer to understand the processes that they have programmed it into the PIC and it act as a verification that the program is working as it supposed to be Table 2 below shows the command control codes for 2×16 LCD display. Read More

H Bridge

H-bridge is a circuit configuration that allows the designer to apply the voltages in both directions. H-bridge also allows higher voltage and current to be applied to the load while controlling the direction through a low voltage signal. The illustration below shows the flow of the H-bridge.

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EMC and EMI Control – How Does It Affect The Electronic Repairer?

EMC and EMI control – How does it affect the Electronic Repairer?

I learned about Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) the hard way when I was just 17!  As a keen radio amateur – called Radio Ham – I built my own transmitter and exchanged messages with other enthusiasts around the world. Soon I found out that, when I was transmitting, my parent’s TV – and most of the neighbourhood’s TVs! – were totally jammed, loosing vertical and horizontal sync and displaying all sorts of patterns and lines over the picture. I was wondering how a transmitter built for frequencies around 14 MHz could be upsetting TV sets designed to receive frequencies above 100 MHz… I would soon learn about harmonics and antenna mismatch!

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