Starter to LabView

Labview is software, which can be interfaced to hardware to grab data and manipulate them in PC. Labview is easy to use as it is more focus on drag and drop programming. Additionally, coding interface is also provided for those who want to customize their codes.
How to use Labview

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Notepad++ text editor is very useful for displaying programming codes. It has additional features compared to normal text editor by having the keywords of the programming languages highlighted.
Additional functions can be added through Plug-in which are provided by 3rd party. In plug-in, you can have compare to compare 2 documents, converters for hex to ASCII and ASCII to hex as well as other plug-in which can be downloaded.

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Starter to MPLAB

MPLAB is the main tool used to compile programs for PIC microcontrollers from PIC10F to dsPIC33F. The program can be written in Assembly, which the default MPLAB is set or can be plug-in from other compilers such as C18 and Hi-Tech C.
Setting up MPLAB
1. Project -> Project Wizard…
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Souce Code Management With Tortoise Hg

In addition, you can even see the versions of your files in graphical form. That is, how your file is being modified. I often used it to keep track my PCB layout as most of the time, once too much editing is done, the PCB layout tools will stop you from returning to the previous steps. Thus, this tool can be used not only with codes, but also with files. The method of setting up a repository and method of using it will be further discussed below:
Using Tortoise Hg

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