DLP LCD Project repair. Model # DX630.

A friend of mine brought this LCD projector to my shop. He said that this LCD projector was kept in the storage room for over a year and when they wanted to use it again, it kept shutting down after a few seconds of operation.
I plugged it in and I could see the power led changing from orange to green but the green kept flashing and the light of projector came on for a few seconds, then it shut down. From what I saw, the main problem was either in the power supply area or in the cooling area of this device.
I took four screws out and the top of the machine came off. I turned it on and sure enough, it started to come on but it shut down again but I noticed one of the cooling fans was not working. It was trying to start but it did not.
There were three fans in the machine, two fans for the power supply and one for the main light. The fan that did not work was the one near the power supply that cools down the main section of the power supply. I turned the machine on again and before it shuts down, I checked the voltage at the socket of the fan and there was 12 volts present at the socket which is an indication of a bad fan on board.
I took the fan out and tried to spin it by hand but it did not spin. I cleaned it with an air blower and a lot of dust came out then I spread it with a contact cleaner and spun the fan again, this time, it started to spin.
I put it back on the board and tuned the projector on. All the fans started to spin and the light came on for a while. I plugged in a video source and I could see that source projected on the wall.
I kept it on for almost an hour. Called the customer and got his machine back with a big smile on his face. It was worth the time and the effort.