Makitta battery charger repair. Model DC1414T

A carpenter brought this battery charger to my shop to be fixed. He told me that sometimes this charger works fine and sometimes it does not. When I powered up the charger, nothing came on and when I checked the output voltage in the battery holder, there was no voltage present there indication a problem in the charger.
I recalled what the man said about the charger sometimes it works and sometimes it does not and I thought to my self, this could be a problem of cold soldering joints or some bad components, in my mind I was thinking capacitors, or it could be both.
I opened the charger and checked with the naked eye to see if there is something bad showing but there was none. I checked with a magnifying lens and I could not see any bad joints. I powered up the charger and checked the voltage on the main capacitor and I got a reading of 300 volts but not steady reading. I traced it back to the main ac outlet connectors and found out that the main AC wire is not in good condition. I replace that wire and tested again. This time I was getting a steady 300 volts on the main capacitor legs but still no indication of any power present beyond the main the primary power section.

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