Wii play station that does not come on. Play station model # RVL 001. External power supply RVL 002.

A Wii play station with an external power supply was brought to my shop with the problem, a dead play station. I plugged it in and the play station did not come on, not even a stand by light was present. I unplugged the external power supply and checked the power there and realized that there was no power coming out of the external power supply. Well, let the repair begins.
The moment I opened the cover of the external power supply and scanned the components on board, I could not see anything wrong. I took the board out and checked the main capacitor, there was 300 volts reading which indicates a problem in the power supply because the main capacitor was holding the charge. There is a component beyond this point that is not allowing the power to go through that is why the main capacitor is still holding the charge. I discharged the main capacitor and checked with LOPT/FBT tester and it gave me a full bar indicating that the main capacitor, the MOS N FET and the diodes in the secondary area of the power supply are ok.
I plugged it in the electricity outlet and started checking with the voltmeter and I found a resistor that is on the same line with the main capacitor that was open. I could get a reading on one side of the resistor and there was no reading on the other side of the resistor. It was a 220 K ohm resistor that was open and not letting any power to go through.
I discharged the main capacitor again and soldered that resistor out and replaced it with 220k ohm resistor and when I plugged it in, I could read 12 volts coming out of the external power supply. When I plugged it in the back of the Wii station, it came on and I could see the stand by light changing from a red stand by light to a green ready light.
I put a game CD in the try of the play station and enjoyed playing a football game for about an hour. It was lots of fun but mostly was happy that it worked.