Dead Sony VCR model# SLV-X822

A cousin of mine brought this VCR to my shop and the complain was, a dead VCR. Not many people send their VCR’s to be fixed now a days in my country but this guy insisted on the repair of this VCR.
Upon opening and scanning this VCR from the inside, I could not see anything wrong with it but when the problem is, no power in the VCR, the best place to start looking is the VCR power supply area.
I always keep a repair history note book in my shop. I keep records of the repair dates, equipment model numbers, kind of problems and steps I have taken to fix the problem. I could remember that I have fixed this kind of problem before and that is why I looked in my repair history note book and found out the answer to this problem.
I took the power supply out of the VCR and immediately went to the location of that problem and found it. It was a capacitor that gone high in ohms causing the VCR to shut down and stop working. It was 1uf/200 volts. To get to that capacitor, I had to take a heat sink that is soldered directly to the main board of the power supply which was covering the whole area of the capacitor. The moment I took that out I could see the bad capacitor.

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