Some Panasonic LCD repair Tips

Here is Some Panasonic Blink codes for quick repair Of LCD TV.

TC14LA2 Dead set. No response to any button. The external power supply is delivering the correct +15Vdc to the TV rear.
Check or replace the N channel MOSFET Q8, located on the Driver board.

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Dark and blurry Sony KDL-40W2000

-+ Dark and blurry Sony KDL-40W2000

Dark and blurry on the left side, the image has lines and distorted ghost images
The unit is 3 years in service.
This problem occurs while watching all different devices hooked to this television: (DVD player, cable, satellite, game counsel, etc.)
When I push gently on the top left corner the set works fine for seconds.
With this small movement, I don’t need to check the inverter nor CCFL .
What I face is a LCD panel that has failed, this is a very common problem with these new LCD televisions and there is no way to fix it. The part price is always more than a new television.
Fortunately this kind of faults, I already have met with in several notebooks lcd, and managed to fix some ones.
The set works now fine, but for how much time? This is the question!
As you can notice on the image(1) the set is repaired on 26 Sep. at 19:54 local time (GMT).
until now (7 Oct.) the customer is glad.
If the problem occurs again I coud then update you.
In this repair, I proceeded as follows:
First See how to dismantle the set here:
Then the images shows the fault before and after repair.

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