Repair a DVD with a door problem. Model ITT DVD2838A

An ITT DVD player was brought to my shop. The DVD player was working fine except when pushing the door button to open it, it opens then it closes by itself then it opens again. Upon taking the cover off, and turned the DVD player on, the door closed normally but the pick up LED disk reader did not come up in position to read the disk. The door opened again by itself and then it closes trying to read the disk again. From experience, this problem is due to two things, either the motor that opens the door is weak or the belt that connects to the opening drum is really loose.

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Shutdown In LG DVD Player Repair Model# LH-C6231

Problem: It plays for five minutes or less then shuts down.

Upon opening the cover of this DVD player, I scanned the inside components and found some bulged capacitors in the power section. Replaced all those capacitors and turned on the DVD player. It played for more than twenty minutes but the problem remained. The playing time was longer which meant I am one step ahead but still there are more faulty components in the machine.

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