Toshiba Satellite L505D Power Jack Fixed

Today I had a Toshiba satellite L505D come in for repair. The problem was plane. The power jack housing was broken off and pushed in to the bottom tray.

Toshiba Satellite L505D Power Jack FixedI proceeded to take apart the laptop to get to the mother board.

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Intermittent Power Problems On Dell Laptop

I had a Dell Inspiron laptop come to me for repair with intermittent power problems. I first check the AC adapter and it checked out fine. Next I moved the AC plug around in the DC power jack and found that there was a faulty connection. I disassembled the laptop down to the motherboard.

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How To Check Your Laptop Battery

Before accusing the battery of being bad be sure to test if the Power Adaptor is working properly.
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How To Test Your Laptop Adapter

When I work on a laptop, the first thing I always check is for proper voltage output.

Many times I have had customers bring only their laptop in and think their battery is bad Рthen  I plug in my universal adapter and the battery charges fine. The customer takes the laptop home and then brings it back, still thinking their battery is bad.

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