Dim Display With Color Out In Mag CRT Monitor Model# 786N

Upon opening the cover I went directly to the degaussing circuit. The reason for that was the display had bad colors (color impurity). But to my surprise, it was ok. All the voltages in the primary and the secondary section of the power supply checked fine. The voltages at the HOT was also fine. I looked at the screen neck and the CRT board and all checked fine except, the filament were not as bright as it should be.

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No Power In Proview CRT Monitor Model # 786

Problem: Dead: no display, and no stand by led.

I always start with this technique on every equipment. I look for bad soldering joints or burnt component using my magnifier lens but there was no sign of any faults in this monitor.
I headed directly to the horizontal output transistor (HOT) and found out that only 11 volts reaching that transistor and that is not enough to make the monitor work. This situation gave me the indication that something is either in the HOT itself or there is something wrong in the power supply section.

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