Hair dryer repair

Hair dryer is found in every house hold. Men and woman use them every day. They are easy to use, they come in different brands and different colors and shapes.
Parts found in the hair dryer:

1- Resistance: this is the main part in the hair dryer that produces the hot and cold air. It consists of special kind of soft metal that is wrapped around a card board that can handle a lot of heat. A small tiny component is built on that card board and it control heat. It works as a thermostat to control the intensity of the hot air coming out. If this part is defective, there will be intensive hot air coming out of the hair dryer and it could damage the hair or burn the head skin. On the other hand, if this part is defective, cold air will come out as well.
2- The Motor: this is the part that has to do with producing the right current to make the resistance get hot to produce hot air. On this motor, there is a fan that spins and when the motor is spinning, the task is to suck the air out from the back of the hair dryer so the resistance will not over heat and the body of the hair dryer will not melt.

3- There are two switches usually on the hair dryer. Some brands come with extra fancy buttons but basically one of these buttons is an on/off switch and also speeds up the motor for more or less heat. The second switch is for choosing between hot and cold air.

A hair dryer came to my shop with the problem of no heat, just cold air. I could hear the motor running but only with cold air. Usually with a problem like this, either it is a defective resistance or the heat control part is either bad or needs cleaning.
I opened it and I checked the resistance and it checked out fine. You can check the resistance out with a multi-meter using the continuity test. I checked the integrity of the resistance and it was fine.

The second place to look is inside the resistance. There is a small tiny switch that controls heat and it works as a thermostat. This part consists of two metals connected on one side and loose on the other. The part where it is open, I noticed, it was dark therefore not allowing any heat to come out. With a tiny sand paper, I was able to clean that part and guess what? Hot air started coming out.
The customer took it and was happy with it. I was happy with the repair job since it got me some extra money.
Happy repair and see you in the next repair article.


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