No Power In JVC CD Player Model# NOMX-J100

This device came to my shop with no power, no stand by power, and nothing comes on the screen of this CD player. It was completely dead. When I examined the CD player from the outside, I found a 110/220 switch and the switch was pushed to the 110 side and in our country, the voltage is 220. So what happened was, they have plugged 110 volts CD player into a 220 Volts power line. And the result was a dead CD player.

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Sharp CRT TV With No Sound On Certain Channels

My own Sharp CRT TV was not getting any sound on channels 4 or 5.

At first I suspected the cable box was the problem.

I run the cable directly into the TV set and turn on the TV and to my surprise there was still no sound on channels 4 or 5.

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Shutdown In LG DVD Player Repair Model# LH-C6231

Problem: It plays for five minutes or less then shuts down.

Upon opening the cover of this DVD player, I scanned the inside components and found some bulged capacitors in the power section. Replaced all those capacitors and turned on the DVD player. It played for more than twenty minutes but the problem remained. The playing time was longer which meant I am one step ahead but still there are more faulty components in the machine.

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Troubleshooting Pickit 2 Clone

Pickit 2 is a multipurpose tool : PIC programmer, debugger, UART and Logic analyzer provided by Microchip and the schematics is provided in Pickit 2 datasheet.

troubleshooting pickit 2 clone

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CRT TV Fault Fixed By Accident

This CRT TV don’t start, only the red led blinks 11 times. The customer said that he uses to start the TV by pushing on/off on remote control 11 times, and the TV works fine. But Sometimes this doesn’t work and the TV stay on STB. The TV was repaired by another repairer without success.

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