LG 42PC5DC Plasma TV Switch Mode Power Supply Operation and Troubleshooting

There are 2 different Power Supply Boards used in the 42PC5DC Plasma TV. One board is (EAY3297901) and the other one (EAY32808901).

Both circuit boards operate the same and can be substituted with each other although care must be taken because of the differences, not only are the connectors marked differently but they are reversed from  top to bottom, except for the VA and VS connector which although marked with a different connector, the number pin out are the same.

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2 Methods For Testing MOSFETs

2 Methods For Testing MOSFETS

Method 1:

First look up the part number for the MOSFET you want to test online and acquire the datasheet. Once you have the datasheet or have somehow gotten the specifications for the MOSFET you are testing and you know the pin configuration, set your analogue meter to the x10k range to check the MOSFET. Let’s say you are testing an N channel MOSFET, put the black test lead on the drain pin then touch the gate pin with the red test lead. This will discharge the MOSFETs internal capacitance. Next place the red test lead to the source pin while still holding the black test lead to the drain pin.

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